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Rosemary's Journal:

"I was excited about going to volunteer because in high school I was extremely dedicated to volunteering, and I was happy to see that Baldwin Wallace gave me a chance to do it right away.  I was also excited because I got to go with two of my classmates (who were also tutoring immigrants).  

Today I went to go tutor my student.   We sat down and acquainted ourselves and then began working.  We worked on their citizenship application.   I never really took the time to think about all of the time and effort it takes to become an American citizen.   Afterward I asked them questions from the book and all 4 of them knew all of the answers.  Later on, we worked on reading and writing sentences in English. I think we made a lot of progress today.   When this is over I will miss them.

Today our friends greeted us at the door and (one student) had great news for us.  She passed the citizenship test, with flying colors.  She was so excited and was so happy that she brought us Russian candies to celebrate!  (She) explained to the other ladies how the test went and how easy it was.  The gentlemen who issued the test spoke Russian to her and made her feel very comfortable. 

Today was the final time that we went to visit our friends.  It was really sad going to them.  Our students are very knowledge when it comes to the citizenship information.  Reflecting back, I never thought I was going to be the one who learned something but they taught me a lot of different things.  This experience helped me open up more and accept others."


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