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MEDStart is an early admission program at The University of Toledo's College of Medicine. Qualified students may apply during their junior year with MCAT requirement waived. Students accepted into the MEDStart program participate in a 2 week course at the medical college during the summer between their junior and senior years, and enter the medical school program following completion of the four-year undergraduate education. The applicant must demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm for medicine as indicated from their volunteer and community service, medical related activities, leadership skills and/or research experiences.

Students who apply and are considered to the program must accept admission to the University of Toledo College of Medicine at the end of their junior year. In addition, they will not be permitted to apply to other medical schools simultaneously since they are officially admitted into medical school the summer before their senior year.

Who is eligible to apply for the MedStart Program?

  1. The student must apply to the program in the junior year.
  2. Completion of a minimum of one year of general chemistry with labs, one year of organic chemistry with labs, one year of biological sciences, or one year of physics at the time of application is strongly recommended.
  3. An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7 or higher with a science GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of application is strongly recommended.
  4. An ACT or SAT score is required; an ACT score of at least 29 or an SAT score of 1900 is strongly recommended. Applicants that have taken the exam(s) more than once should submit their highest score.

Visit the MEDStart Program website to learn more about the program.

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