Art and Art History


Studio Art Department

The Department of Art offers four fundamental programs.

The first program is that of the studio arts.  This choice encourages a student to elect one studio area of the visual arts and to specialize his or her efforts in a professional manner.  As preparation for this specialized training, the student is required to complete the basic design and drawing courses, as well as the history of art series.

The second program, for those students who want to be teachers, is designed to provide a broader range of studio courses.  The Division of Education also requires additional classes.

The third program, the History of Art, offers courses designed to satisfy both the generalist as well as the scholar interested in specific subject areas.

The fourth and newest program is the Digital Medium Major.

Another area of concentration combines an art major with psychology, leading to career possibilities in art therapy.

Baldwin Wallace graduates with a major in the visual arts are teaching in colleges and universities around the nation.  They can be found in graduate schools, or as interior designers, buyers and even in the architectural services.

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