Art and Art History

Department of Art History
Contact: Marc Vincent
Marting Hall
(440) 826-2293

Faculty Spotlight: Art history professor Marc Vincent has years of experience as a top instructor, mentor and co-director of the BW Seminar in Europe program.

Art History

Dynamic, creative and expressive, art is a multidimensional medium that unites perception with passion.


Our history of art program features a rich and rigorous array of courses.  You'll study everything from frescos to friezes, tapestries to tiles, prints to paintings, armor to architecture, and more. BW's core curriculum—rooted in the liberal arts tradition—offers you an ideal context for comprehending and critiquing works of art.


More than dates and data, art history is an immersion in critical, analytical and integrative thinking.  You'll study the masters whose art works have impacted our lives, as well as learn how their creations were self defining, self revealing and sometimes self sacrificing. 


Nearby Cleveland offers access to numerous cultural facilities, including the world-renowned Cleveland Museum of Art.  Educational field trips plus study abroad seminars and field experiences at private art galleries, auction houses and museums make learning more than theory—it becomes real.  On campus, Fawick Gallery showcases local and student talent.

Career versatile

A history of art major offers opportunities as:
Gallery curator
Arts manager
Art critic
Marketing manager

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